Making life easier for scaffolders

The Scaffgrip bracket reduces the failure rate of existing bracketing systems and the bolts that normally attach them.  Scaffgrip also saves time to both install and remove thus streamlining scaffolding systems.

The Scaffgrip is a steel bracket to be utilised in the scaffolding industry.  It has been designed to be fitted to most masonry substrates.  The bracket can be fitted to a masonry wall without the usual need for fixing bolts such as Dyna bolts or concrete screws.

The Scaffgrip achieves its grip with a unique pin and cam combination.  A torque wrench and socket is needed for the installation process.  By applying force to the cam via the hexagonal nut the two pins are forced apart thus locking the bracket in place by the applied friction.

The Scaffgrip is compatible for use with both safety rail and freestanding scaffold systems. An attachment is needed for freestanding systems.  The brackets have the advantage of providing grip in less than solid substrates, this overcomes a common problem in the trade.


  • Faster installation
  • Faster removal
  • Holds in all substrates
  • Ideally suited to post and rail
  • Can be used for regular scaffolding with adaptor
  • Replaces Dynabolts or concrete screws
  • Durable
  • Reasonable purchase cost