The Knogginmate is a bracket for securing either timber or steel knoggins to frame studs.

The said bracket would typically be made from 1mm thickness galvanised sheet metal, this being laser cut and then folded.  The dimensions of the Knogginmate will suit typical frame stud sizes.  The bracket should be secured to the frame with course thread screws in timber and tek screws in metal frames.  A spirit level should be used to achieve best results.

The largest side of the bracket should be fixed to the side of the frame, there is a semicircle in the main face of the Knogginmate to allow pipework to pass.  Knogginmate has been designed to recess the knoggin 35mm from the front face of the stud, this will allow for regular plumbing fixtures to be secured such as lugged elbows and breeching pieces.

The Knogginmate can also be installed vertically if needed, there are additional holes provided in the base of the bracket to accommodate the fixing screws.  It would be best practice to use at least 25mm course thread screws when securing to timber.