About Us

Global Oasis was created in 2013 as an innovation platform. Across the years since its inception we have developed a number of fresh ideas. 

As the CEO of the business my innovations have been tailored to the needs of the construction industry of which I was a part for around 35 years.

All the products or ideas have international applications, two of the ideas are green innovations, the Jetloo toilet and the Powerspinner. All innovations from global oasis are designed to last for many years, providing trouble free use beyond normal expectations. 

In more recent times Global Oasis has seen the need to develop a philanthropic side to the business. This has led to an effort to assist the homeless, as a result we have proposed a homeless service centre. The centre could be placed in an area where homelessness is an issue. The centre would provide some facilities for those in vulnerable circumstances. These would include showers, toilets, cooking facilities and a place to meet socially.  

This system would be a model that can be replicated in many countries and provide employment for locals, both for the initial construction and the site location of the service centres. The modules would be constructed off site and then transported to selected locations.